Witney Town councillors have resolved to continue to support the campaign to get the Burford HGV ban lifted.

Lorry tractor units with lights on and horns blaring highlighted a protest from hauliers, councillors and dozens of residents of the Windrush villages outside a full meeting of the town council on Monday evening.

The protest was organised The Windrush Valley Traffic Action Group (WiVTAG) who represent over 50 local haulage companies and scores of Windrush Valley residents.

Two members of the group attended the meeting to speak during the public participation element and heard the council resolve to continue to support the group's campaign.

Witney Town has supported the aims of the campaign since early summer when the interim findings of the order showed there had been a clear impact on Witney.

Earlier this year they wrote to Oxfordshire County Council urging them to engage with all of those affected, including Burford Town Council, to explore alternative options in bringing about a satisfactory outcome for all.

Cllr Ruth Smith, chair of the Climate, Biodiversity and Planning committee, said: "The report in June revealed there has been an 80 per cent increase in HGVs in Witney's Air Quality Management Area, Bridge Street and on West End.

"Burford's actions restricting its bridge have an unacceptable knock-on effect for Witney."