CONCERNS over anti-vaxxers have been raised by Labour officials following a previous letter sent to parents by a headteacher.

Steve Akers, vice chair of the Chipping Norton Labour Party, said anti-vaxxers have been demonstrating near Chipping Norton School and the health centre in Russell Way.

He is calling for measures to be brought back, in order to control the spread of coronavirus.

The Government has come under fire from NHS leaders and some scientists for not implementing its Plan B, which could see the return of mandatory face coverings indoors, guidance to work from home, and vaccine passports.

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Mr Akers said: “For the last two weeks, anti-vaxxers have been outside the garage leading up to the health centre.

“Fifty-two thousand new cases a day and almost 1,000 deaths a week demand an urgent response from Government.

“We have the highest number of infections and deaths in Europe. The Government must enact Plan B now.

“Compulsory face masks, social distancing, working from home, bubbles in schools, air filtration and CO2 monitors in schools should all be urgently put in place to break the chain in the spread of infection and the increase in deaths.

“We’ve seen locally that shops have been saying it’s your personal choice to wear masks but we feel it’s wrong.

“Masks and working from home should not have ended – there’s immense pressure on our local hospitals.

“I think we need bubbles back in schools and to bring other measures back in schools.

“We have a lot of health staff in in the party and we feel very passionately about this.”

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Last week, Chipping Norton School reintroduced the recommendation for face coverings to be worn by students and staff in all communal areas.

Students and staff for Years 9 and 11 will be strongly recommended to wear face coverings in lessons.

In a letter sent to parents and carers earlier this month, headteacher Barry Doherty asked for lateral flow testing to continue and for face coverings to be worn on school buses.

The letter read: “There is no doubt that the test detects Covid-19 and therefore can then lead to the confirmatory PCR test.

“Face coverings on all school buses remain highly recommended.

“Our own spot checks and conversations with bus drivers reveal that far too many students no longer wear their face covering unless an adult is present or reminds them to do so.

“A number of local secondary schools have already completed their vaccination programme.

“I understand that small groups of protestors have gathered outside some schools on the morning of those vaccinations.

“We understand those groups oppose the vaccination of 12 to 15-year-olds, and have peacefully and lawfully protested against the national programme.”