DRIVERS are creating a risk on a main road by pulling over to admire poppy fields.

Thames Valley Police have warned drivers not to stop on the A40 near Burford to look at the wildflowers despite a sign encouraging people to admire them.

Several vehicles were asked to leave the area by police after reports of “up to 32” cars parked in the verges, people pulling over too quickly, and generally slow traffic.

Witney Gazette: Thames Valley PoliceThames Valley Police

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PCSO Emily Young and Josh Peck, who were monitoring the area yesterday (15), said: “Whilst beautiful to see please be mindful of the fact this is a fast road, dangerous parking could put other motorists at risk.”

A woman who lives nearby told police: “I live on this road and it has done nothing but cause problems along the A40 since they flowered.

Witney Gazette:

“It’s too dangerous and people need to be mindful of other road users as well as surrounding residents.”


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Gee covers Wallingford and Didcot.

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