FAMILIES today paid tribute to the 17-year-old who died after being trapped in a storm drain in Witney.

The Weeden and Sullivan-Webb families asked Thames Valley Police to release the following tribute to Max Sullivan-Webb, who was also known as Max Weeden: "Max was just like any other teenager: he loved music, computer games and riding his BMX with his mates. But in other ways he was a real individual and didn't follow the crowd.

"He loved art and wanted to work as an animator. He loved Japanese anime' so much he dreamed of going to Japan and was even teaching himself to speak Japanese.

"He was kind, gentle and very laid back; he never took life too seriously and was always laughing and joking. We will have so many fond memories of him.

"In the last year or so he had really grown up and was showing so much potential. We are devastated by his loss, especially as we will not be able to experience the fantastic young man he was destined to have become."