A pub company based in Oxfordshire says it has been told it must stop selling street food immediately.

Oak Taverns, based in Thame, announced social media to announce it has been given a ban on its street food trucks on its sites until further notice by South Oxfordshire District Council.

This comes after an initial complaint regarding litter, which the pub company say was “rectified”.

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The pub company says all their food companies have the relevant paperwork themselves but paperwork is needed by Oak Taverns themselves to use them on their private car parks.

A company statement said: “We need paperwork to use them on our own private car parks as if they were public highways, which we are patiently waiting for someone to inform us exactly what that is so we can move forward.

“This is heartbreaking to us as a company, we have seen our local vendors buy extra food trucks from working with us as their small food businesses were flourishing.

“Not to mention the drop in trade for our managers who work tirelessly hard to ensure that our customers have a great experience in our pubs.

“And as for us as a company, we too will see our profits drop massively. It is a particularly hard time for anyone in the hospitality industry, so this comes as a real blow.”

Oak Taverns is a family business that has been running for 25 years with several pubs in the South of England.

The company revealed it recently bought a new pub after seeing the income its food trucks bring in.

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The statement added: “Not to mention the fact we’ve just bought another pub last week based on the trade that we have seen because of our food vendors.

“Oh and it's August, the busiest period of the year next to Christmas.

“So, we are immensely sorry to all our customers who have enjoyed food at our sites and particularly to our wonderful food businesses, many of whom are young, local entrepreneurs whose livelihoods will suffer.”

Oak Taverns hopes to find a solution in the future but has confirmed all none of its food trucks will be operating for the time being.

“We are fighting towards a solution and have contacted solicitors for help, but until we get some clarification and advice from the council we have to stop for now.

“We will keep you posted and fingers crossed we can continue our amazing food options in the future. Watch this space.”

“Sorry from all at Oak Taverns.”

The Oxford Mail has approached South Oxfordshire District Council for a statement following Oak Taverns' announcement.