GCSE exam results day is here with students across England and Wales receiving the marks given to them by examiners.

While it's common knowledge that these results are released on Thursday, August 24 this year, some may be unaware of the exact time.

With that said, here is the specific time students should get access to their GCSE results.

What time of day are GCSE results released?

According to the BBC, students should receive their GCSE results in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 8 am (British Standard Time) on Thursday, August 24.

While these results are usually given out in person at the relevant school or college, they can also be sent out via post or email.

Those taking vocational-technical qualifications (VTQ) should receive their Level 2/BTec results on or before Thursday.

How are GCSEs being graded now?

The UK Government website states that the grading system used to mark exams in England has changed to a 9-1 scale rather than the traditional alphabetical metric.

In the new scale, papers marked 7 to 9 are considered As with those marked 4 to 6 considered Cs and Bs.

The number 3 largely corresponds to a D with 2 and 1 reserved for Fs and Gs.

Find out more about results day on the AQA website.