IT industry gurus Adam Engberg and Rik Yapp are bringing Silicon Valley to Chipping Norton with a revolutionary new software that streamlines workflow.

Kirmada helps media firms and others who deal with multiple clients to avoid having masses of cluttered tabs and endless logins by having a dedicated browser and timesheet with links to the social media of every client, making it easy to switch between each one with just two clicks.

Mr Engberg said: “As a web designer I was struggling to manage lots of clients simultaneously – I wanted the option of swiping one client off the screen and then another on to it so I could focus on that job at hand.

"I needed something simple and effective – but there was nothing out there in the market that would help me with this. So, we decided to create it.

"After reaching out to various people who would be interested in our software - we got the financial backing from leading global industry experts and Kirmada was born.”