Five Charlbury children were recently recognised for their commitment to climate action.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire named them the inaugural recipients of the Climate Care Awards, an initiative by Ridge Clean Energy (RCE), during a ceremony at Charlbury Primary School on May 24.

The awards aim to inspire sustainable living, raise climate change awareness and boost positive contributions towards the health of our planet.

They come in three levels: Bronze (Awareness), Silver (Action), and Gold (Leadership).

Lord-Lieutenant Marjorie Glasgow BEM said: "I am so pleased to present the first ever Climate Care Awards, recognising young leaders in Oxfordshire for their climate change awareness and action.

"Empowering young minds to take action against climate change is essential for building a sustainable and resilient world."

Ms Glasgow continued to recognise the children's commitment to change and congratulated them on their contributions thus far, saying: "Today's young climate champions have demonstrated that even small actions can lead to meaningful change."

Climate Care Awards Gold winners, Sebastian and Cleo, focused their actions on reducing their carbon footprints.

Cleo made a plea to the Great Western Railway about 'making the train tickets cheaper so that more people can travel by train,’ while Sebastian wrote to his MP about the problem of sewage in our rivers.

Charlie Barwell, headteacher of Charlbury Primary School said: "I am delighted to see five of our students receive inaugural Ridge Climate Care Awards, recognising their climate change awareness and action over the last months.

"The students' progress has been uplifting for all involved.

"These awards are crucial in helping educate the next generation of climate leaders in our county and the wider world."

The Climate Care Awards also garnered praise from RCE.

Teresa Hall, RCE’s community partnership coordinator, highlighted the enthusiasm of the participating pupils and the collaborative spirit of the programme.

She expressed hope that further awards ceremonies will soon be held in secondary schools and communities, expanding their impact.

Ms Hall said: "We’re thrilled to see how much excitement and enthusiasm the Climate Care Awards have generated among the pupils.

"Today marks the first awards ceremony of what we hope will become a tradition in and beyond schools soon as Climate Care Awards expand to secondary schools and further into communities.

"By bringing together education, community activism, and carbon emission awareness, we stand a fighting chance to tackle climate change."

Founded in Charlbury, Oxfordshire, Ridge Clean Energy aims to generate clean energy with lasting benefits for local communities.