Police in Oxfordshire are rolling out the third and final phase of a mystery shopping programme and are inviting people to take part.

A mystery shopping programme was devised, in which members of Thames Valley Police staff and members of the public apply to become shoppers and visit local police stations.

They will be given a number of scenarios and assignments to test in their local stations.

Police said the assignments would be short and simple and would not be reporting things which have not happened, such as collisions and crimes.

As well as the assignment, they will also note other factors, such as cleanliness of the station, the external environment, waiting times, that opening hours are displayed and general satisfaction of the service received.

Kelly Axtell, force counter services manager, said: “The force is committed to ensuring we offer the best possible service to our customers and mystery shopping is a good way of making sure our front counter staff and volunteers offer a professional and consistent service.

“Most people don’t visit a police station often, some only when they have been a victim of crime or had a collision for example, and it is vital people are treated in a polite and professional manner, especially when they may be upset.

“If you are observant, have a good understanding of what good customer service should be and be able to keep their cool under pressure, and would like to be a part of Thames Valley Police’s commitment to customer service, please download an application form. We would love to hear from you.

“Our front counter staff and volunteers are trained to deal with a broad range of enquiries and incidents and the mystery shopping programme will ensure they continue to offer a good level of customer service.”