A CARPET-fitter died from an overdose hours after telling his ex-girlfriend he 'would not bother her any more'.

Alexander Johnson, 26, of Springfield Oval, Witney, died after downing a bottle of vodka and anti-depressant tablets on January 9 this year, an inquest heard.

The court heard how Mr Johnson, who had a history of depression, collapsed at his home moments after he told his mother he was desperate to tell her something.

Consultant pathologist Elizabeth Soilleux found 3.8 grammes of the anti-depressant Diaphine in Mr Johnson's body more than ten times the therapeutic maximum.

Giving evidence, Mr Johnson's mother, Valerie, said her son, who had been living at home, had asked her to call his work that day on his behalf to say he could not come in because he was not feeling well.

He later went out in his car, and when he returned, he told his mother he had something important to say to her.

Mrs Johnson said: "There was emotional pain in his eyes. He asked me to come outside with him, and said he wanted to tell me something. He was holding me, and then he said he felt sick, and ran indoors.

"I could hear him being quite violently sick. Eventually, he came downstairs.

"I went to see him in his chair, and he held his head. He closed his eyes, and did not open them again."

Soon after, Mr Johnson's work boss arrived, and an ambulance was called.

A bottle of Smirnoff vodka and empty packets of diaphine tablets were found in his car.

Mrs Johnson added: "I never found out what he wanted to tell me.

"On his mobile phone, there was a message written to his ex-girlfriend saying: 'Sorry, I will never bother you again'."

Coroner Nicholas Gardiner recorded an open verdict.

He said: "It may or may not have been his intention to end his own life.

"It may have been a marker to try to highlight the distress he was in."