A Yorkshire historian is appealing for help in finding a prehistoric burial mound in Witney.

During research, Paul Bennett discovered a private letter written on November 7, 1824, by Charles Stanhope to his friend, W Roddam, in which the mound was mentioned.

It said: “I went to Witney yesterday, a singular sight, the opening of a barrow.

“In digging, about two feet beneath the surface, we came to some great stones, which some people considered to be a druid’s temple, but I thought them only placed as a protection to the urns which were found beneath.”

The letter stated 24 urns, containing burnt bones and ash, and a nearly-complete skeleton were found in the mounds.

Mr Bennett enquired with the Council for British Archaeology, but could not find any reference to the find.

To help Mr Bennett, email him on megalithix@gmail.com.