A STORY about a timelord battling tyrannical Cyborgs to save the planet may not normally make it past the school playground.

But now the imaginations of four pupils at St Mary’s Primary School in Chipping Norton could be turned into a new Doctor Who mini-episode.

Best friends George Tuckwell, Joe Frater, Oscar Miller and Rowan Woodell, all 11, wrote the script as part of a school English project.

Sixty-eight pupils at the school worked in groups to enter scripts into the BBC Script to Screen competition and theirs was chosen as the best.

Their script has now made it to the competition’s final 10 out of more than 1,000 entries. If they win, it will be turned into a three-minute episode starring Doctor Who actor Matt Smith and shown by the BBC.

The winner will be announced tomorrow.

George said: “I am very, very, very nervous about the competition. I do not want to get my hopes up, but if we won I would probably shout and scream.”

He said he and his friends brainstormed ideas in and out of school.

He added: “It was meant to be based on the Olympics, so we thought the Greeks made the Olympics and decided to do a story with that. It has been really fun.

“I love writing because there are no real guidelines. It would be really great to become a scriptwriter.”

Joe said: “I am very excited but really nervous because we do not know what the other scripts are so do not know if we have got a chance or not.

“I could not get over it if we won. It would be amazing.

“I am a massive Doctor Who fan. I love science and I love stories and the two are combined in science fiction.”

Oscar said: “I would be over the moon if we won – I would be jumping off tables.

“Writing is good because you can just write about anything and you can be free. This competition has definitely inspired me to do more.”

Rowan said: “I am a really big Doctor Who fan and I just thought it would be fun to write my own episode. I am really excited we are in the last 10.”

In their script, The Ultimate Athlete, all the Olympic athletes in the universe have been imprisoned by the evil race of Cybermen.

The Cybermen – a recurring enemy in Doctor Who – sap the athletes’ energy to power their mothership and, if they are not stopped, the ship will destroy Earth.

Doctor Who teams up with Archilleus, an athlete who travels in time from ancient Greek, to try to save the day.

English coordinator Shelley Williams said: “I knew that we have a lot of children who are really into Doctor Who and we try to make teaching as interesting as possible.

“I thought it would go down well, and it did. They loved it.

“We are so proud and excited for George, Joe, Oscar and Rowan’s script to have reached the last 10.”