AFTER a long delay, Gladman Homes has submitted its plans to build 270 homes on the northern edge of Witney, above the Windrush Valley.

There was nothing residents did not expect, after the developer had already shown its hand by sending leaflets to homes in March.

But anyone hoping to see how the company proposed to address issues like the risk of flooding and protection for wildlife will have been left disappointed.

West Oxfordshire District Council had initially refused to accept the plans for consideration, due to the absence of an environmental impact assessment, but it was overruled by the Government.

It leaves many questions unanswered for those who will be affected if this development goes ahead.

A flood risk report says there is little chance of the site flooding, and the developer says balancing ponds to hold water would solve the problem, but many people remain unconvinced.

The fear is that it would cause flooding further downstream in Witney.

It is to be hoped that all these concerns will be properly addressed when planning officers and councillors consider Gladman’s application to build on what is a sentitive and prominent site, where any development will transform the landscape of the Windrush Valley forever.