COLLECTING traffic cones, normally the preserve of tipsy students, has led to a Guinness World Record for Fulbrook resident David Morgan.

Now the record has led to another accolade – recognition from the Dull Men of Great Britain calendar.

Traffic cones serve a particular safety role, so you can only imagine that Mr Morgan has not been removing them surreptitiously from the roadside in the middle of the night.

Instead, the married father-of-four’s interest started out as a professional, because he worked for a plastics firm producing traffic cones and found himself caught up in a caught case of the rights to a design of cone.

Now he is being featured in a roll of honour including other ‘dull’ men – including drainspotters and milk bottle collectors.

With so many roadworks around Oxford at the moment, Mr Morgan could make a killing by selling his collection to highways officials, but like many collectors he will be loath to part with his haul.

Mr Morgan has been dubbed a dull man but he would argue that what he has done is far from it, and he deserves praise for rounding up his collection in a such a dedicated way, even searching out an unusual model from Malaysia.

He has coned off this specialist corner of the market and it is unlikely that his efforts will be beaten for some time to come.

But with space running out at his home to store more cones, the time may come when he will have to stop adding to the collection and consider a new hobby.