THE grand opening of the Corn Exchange in Witney on Friday dominates our front page this week.

The event was a resounding public relations success for the town council.

Despite a few teething troubles with the toilets, and the food having to be brought in because of the absence of a large enough kitchen, the light and airy interior of the revamped building couldn’t fail to impress.

With a sympathetic choice of colours that makes the most of the grand Victorian features and lighting which makes it glow, the 100 or so guests were clearly impressed.

The foyer is perhaps the building’s best feature, offering a grandiose gallery space where it is hoped there will be a cafe and events and exhibitions can spill out on to Market Square.

However, just how much the Corn Exchange project silences the doubters, who did not want Langdale Hall to be sold to pay for it, remains to be seen. If the project is a success, no doubt people will be queuing up to sing the council’s praises.

If not, people could say selling Langdale Hall was a mistake.