IT will be a momentous occasion this weekend when the Witney community comes together to remember 14-year-old Liberty Baker, who was tragically killed on June 30 last year.

No one can imagine the pain her family have had to go through, not only immediately after her death, but also throughout the court case, after which Robert Blackwell was sentenced to four years in prison.

Of course nothing will ever fill the void left in the hearts of Liberty’s friends and family, but it is heartening to see so many pull together for this Saturday’s LibFest.

It will no doubt be an incredibly emotional day for all concerned, and will not be made any easier by the fury over Paul Baker being charged with harassment of Blackwell’s family.

When at 9.30pm the festival pauses for a moment of reflection it is sure to be a moving moment for all.

The fact that more than 60 volunteers have already signed up to help with the festival shows just how much the community felt the loss of the popular Henry Box pupil, and how much love and support they want to show her family.

The organisers have done brilliantly in setting a positive goal so that Liberty and the joy she brought to so many people are remembered for the right reasons.