IT IS great to see Witney Town Council taking a tough line over vandalism at the Leys.

The council and the community have invested £250,000 and a huge amount of time and effort in providing the town with a state-of-the-art play facility, which is already attracting hundreds of children each day over the summer holidays.

It was shocking, but sadly predictable that even before the park opened vandals had smashed in the windows of the changing shed.

Vandalism has frequently been a problem in parks so the latest bout should not have come as a surprise.

But it still hit a nerve after the huge efforts made to secure this first-class facility.

So it is only right the council is resorting to more measures to try to kick out the criminals.

Introducing a 24/7 CCTV camera will mean vandals on the whole of The Leys can be caught and prosecuted.

A dedicated parks attendant will be patrolling the area and the council will have new powers to fine vandals on the spot, as well as anyone who is caught causing persistent antisocial behaviour, such as playing loud music.