It is very sad to hear that Witney in Pink may have to be cancelled this year due to a lack of volunteers.

There are a lot of local charity events throughout the year but rarely do you find one so embedded in the community.

Jeanne Chattoe is rightly at the heart of this event. On the one hand she is a local shop owner so is at the centre of Witney’s retail community.

This means she has been able to get other traders involved to decorate their shops and organise fundraising down the 14 years the event has been running.

Secondly, she has a hugely personal experience of the disease she is fighting to eradicate, with her sister having died from it and having battled it herself on two occasions.

She is only too aware of the shadow that cancer can cast over families. That the event may have to be cancelled is almost unthinkable given the amount of community support there appears to be for it.

What is clear is that there is plenty of goodwill in the Witney community to get this event back on track and there should be more than enough to save it.

So let us hope the day can be saved and the 15th annual Witney in Pink Day sees pink balloons filling the skies of Witney once again, and for years to come.