AFTER an eight-year love of crocodiles, Shaun Foggett is keen to share this with the rest of the country.

He wants to open the UK’s first crocodile zoo in West Oxfordshire.

These types of reptile parks are usually seen across the Atlantic in the USA and other far-off shores.

So imagine the number of tourists that will be drawn to the district if the unusual park does go ahead?

West Oxfordshire relies on tourism to bring in extra capital, with the main draw being the beautiful setting and proximity to the Cotswolds.

It has its fair share of museums, parks, and historic houses, but a crocodile zoo is a completely unique pull.

Those curious about these rarely seen animals or who share Mr Foggett’s passion for the reptiles will swarm to the zoo.

As he points out, most animal parks have just one or two crocodiles or alligators.

He is also keen to dispel myths surrounding the cold-blooded creatures: “It’s also about educating people.

“People think these animals lie in rivers waiting to attack the next human walking past, but there is a lot more to them.”

Mr Foggett keeps 24 crocodiles and alligators in outbuildings in the garden of his home in Witney.

Costing £8,000 a year to feed and heat, it is not a cheap hobby.

No wonder that the joiner and father-of-three wants to turn his lifetime love into a full-time job, which, hopefully will be a nice little earner.

We are sure we are not alone in eagerly awaiting the opening of the UK’s first crocodile zoo, right on our doorstep.