Sir – Natasha Saveall (last week’s Witney Gazette Letters) is wrong.

The district council has not “listened to the people” and not “made decisions taking account of sound planning”.

More than 1,000 people have chosen to live in the village of Brize Norton, a village, not a town.

The proposals for the Carterton East development leave only a tiny belt of land between it and the village.

The village will lose its identity, be subject to more flooding than in 2007, and more traffic will clog the roads to Witney and Oxford. The proposed development is not even in Carterton but within the Brize Norton parish boundary.

Brize Norton villagers have just raised over £25,000 towards the cost of replacing the roof of their Norman church.

They will not let the district council overwhelm their Domesday village.

We have already held a protest walk and if necessary there will be non-violent protests such as a sit-in on the Carterton Road – we have too much to lose.

Dr Mary Holmes, Carterton Road, Brize Norton