Sir – In response to Bea Bradley’s letter (Majority abhor hunting, Gazette Letters, January 30), the actual statement should be ‘Majority don’t care either way about hunting’.

As a Heythrop Hunt supporter of many years, I can say quite categorically that the general public could not care either way. Hunting is indeed a minority sport and all the better for it.

As for her statement about “absurd assertions”, if I were to follow people around, filming them going about their daily business, I would very soon be stopped by the authorities.

So how, pray tell, are these self-styled ‘monitors’ allowed to do this?

We, as hunt supporters, are subjected to abuse from these people but they edit all of that out of their footage to make them look better and to impress the public.

This country is in a terrible situation financially and engaged in open-ended, pointless conflicts. Leave hunts alone and concentrate on real issues.

Kevin Cambray, Maple Way, Ascott-under-Wychwood