Sir – I’m not at all surprised by the response to the ill-thought-out idea of moving the town’s busy post office services to the back of WH Smith in the Woolgate Centre (last week's Gazette).

I wasn’t able to attend the consultation event, but am heartened to know that I’m not the only one to think this plan is a complete non-starter.

WH Smith is a good shop, with good staff, but cramming a post office counter into the rear of the shop certainly won’t help the staff to maintain the level of service we’ve come to expect, and definitely won’t enhance the quality of postal services either, despite their good intentions.

There also needs to be serious consideration given to the obvious increased traffic coming and going at the rear trade entrance of the Woolgate Centre, and the impact this will have on pedestrians, in and around this entrance, and the busy Woolgate car park itself.

I understand that the overheads at the existing post office in Market Square cannot continue to be sustained, but the Post Office urgently needs to listen to the public’s voice on this, and reconsider alternative locations.

David Snow, independent town and district councillor, Witney North ward