Sir – As someone who supported the Witney cinema at the Corn Exchange, I am bitterly disappointed with Cineworld in Witney.


Well, before the cinema opened, a spokesman for the company announced that as well as the usual 3-D screens which come with Cineworld, there was going to be a screen for arthouse/world cinema. But this has not happened.

No disrespect to people who enjoy Hollywood blockbusters, but not everyone likes those types of films, and when I used to go to the Corn Exchange for films which were not Hollywood blockbusters, there was always a good crowd there.

So what has happened?

I've tried getting answers from Cineworld themselves but they have never responded to my inquiries.

I am asking nicely – they are missing out on a lot of people who, like me, must go to Oxford or Swindon to watch films they prefer, even though Cineworld is only a 10-minute walk from home for me.

I feel Cineworld has made false promises to the people of Witney – that ain’t right.

Ady Random, Burford Road, Witney