Sir – The media have recently exposed the unfair treatment of veterans who contracted asbestos-related mesothelioma during service in the Royal Navy. The only MoD response I have read was pathetic but not surprising.

An ‘agency’ in the MoD is responsible for the care of veterans but there is little evidence that it has sufficient clout. In the great world of defence, could it attract and retain the most suitable people?

In Australia, home of the ‘fair go’, a Department of Veterans’ Affairs looks after vets and their dependents in exemplary fashion.

We too should have a small ministry, independent of the MoD, staffed by a different kind of animal who would be devoted to looking after our vets, and whose careers would depend upon success in doing so. Ex-servicemen and women should not be the country’s poor relations.

PS. I’m now 85 and very fortunate that mesothelioma has not developed (yet?) following exposures which began in 1948.

Geoff Feasey
Commander RN and RAN (Ret)
North Leigh