Sir – The county council needs to get real. Closure of some of the recycling centres would prove councillors don’t care about the county and are only interested in keeping their council seat by agreeing to policy proposals that are not in the public interest.

Their decisions could be construed as a failure to do what they were elected for – to serve the community in improvements in services and obliterating any reasons why our county could suffer.

We use Dix Pit at Stanton Harcourt most weeks as the bin/recycling collection service is far from good as items get left behind. The recycling boxes are a joke as a couple of empty egg boxes and the recycle box is full.

A simple improvement to the boxes would be a moveable partition so items can be separated for collection categories (ie paper-metal-plastic- glass). As usual, initial set-ups put through without thorough thinking.

Council leaders are no better, only concerned with keeping the colleges happy. They couldn’t organise a booze-up in a brewery.

The cost of clearing away illegal rubbish dumping would far exceed running costs of keeping recycling centres open.

Let common sense prevail and keep them open.

Adrian Taylor