SIR – All local authorities should be made accountable for decisions and actions that are not in the best public interest or opinions.

How often recently have we seen the complete hash up of decisions that have caused public frustration amid general mayhem? One major decision causing commuters daily problems getting to and from work.

Why did the improvements to Wolvercote and Cutteslowe roundabouts both have to be done at the same time when one improvement at a time would be less disruptive?

Another highways department in carrying out repairs by resurfacing a road in Carterton, caused flooding problems because too much tarmac was put down so bringing the road to the same level as the pavement hence the kerbstones keeping the surface water back were buried under the Tarmac.

Do these departments not have supervisors who control work practices?

Much is always quoted about health and safety, so the health of residents in adjacent properties was not considered when this resurfacing was done.

Another far too often weak excuse is budget cuts.

Well do it right the first time and subsequent ‘put-it-right’ costs don’t need budget funds.

Surely the Government can make local authorities toe the line when public suffer from decisions that could have been better?

Duncan Close