SIR – I was amused by a quotation regarding parking at the John Radcliffe Hospital, where it suggested the number of parking spaces were limited by the council with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and congestion.

Having checked the date to make sure this wasn’t an April Fools joke, I wonder if these councillors ever venture out of their offices into the real world?

Earlier this week I travelled with my wife to the JR. Leaving early to allowing plenty of time for traffic, especially as it was a frosty morning. No, Mr Hudspeth I didn’t use the park-and-ride as I pay enough in road fund tax and didn’t want to pay twice.

Having tried car parks which were full but with open barriers, I joined the queue allowing the one-hour entrance to the car park as advised on the appointment details.

My wife left me, attended her appointment and rejoined me before I could park!

Given it was a cold morning and most people had their engines running, I chuckled to myself after reading your article. Heavens knows how long it will take when all the proposed housing is built in the future.

When will councillors admit the roads are not fit for purpose in either state of repair or ability to carry the volume of traffic? At least putting the price of road tax on to petrol may encourage lesser use of the car or is it just another way of raising money, charging twice?

Michel Mason
Church Street