SIR – I find Don Mason’s letter rather sad when he says vandals feel worthless inside. Thanks Don! As a child, all through school, I was indeed made to feel less than a crumb on the floor – even told by one teacher: “You will never make anything of yourself – I don’t know why I bother teaching you!”

True, I was number dyslexic, but nevertheless did well at college, passed exams and qualified as a nurse, making a success of my adult life. Feeling worthless merely made me think: “Really? I’ll show you, matey!” Not once did I ever vandalise (my parents would have severely punished me) or even think of doing so.

I’m afraid I cannot agree with Don Mason – vandals are well aware of what they do (and I was never any bother at school, no matter how much I hated every single second of it) and do not care about the consequences or others feelings.

“Spare the rod and spoil the child” is as true today as ever. It is about parental upbringing – not feeling worthless!

Minster Lovell