SIR – My mother was one of the lucky ones. Today I felt shocked, hurt and betrayed to find out that Oxfordshire County Council is proposing cuts to funding for the Stroke Association’s communication support service.

In Oxfordshire alone there are tens of thousands of people whose lives are devastated by stroke every year. Charities like the Stroke Association help people like my mother to have a life after a stroke.

My mother has a communication disorder called aphasia which affects her speech. A shop assistant once accused her of being drunk, which robbed her of her dignity. My mother wouldn’t leave the house after that incident. The Stroke Association has supported mum so that she can continue to be a part of her community, and feel valued.

Around a third of stroke survivors have aphasia and this cut will hurt them. It could leave many people prisoners in their homes. It’s appalling that this is even being considered by local councillors.

Three years on, the Stroke Association is still there for my mum and me. I appeal to your human nature and ask that you make the right decision. Imagine if this was your mum.

We have to support the Stroke Association. Please contact your local councillor and ask them to do the right thing on February 16.

Thomas C S Gray 
Trustee/founder of Never Gray