SIR – I read with interest Cllr Duncan Enright’s letter of January 6 ‘About time councils worked collectively’ and I quite agree that working together produces better results.

However, Cllr Enright’s latest offering; February 3, ‘Supporting drive for affordable housing’, would suggest he has no intention of ‘working collectively’. Lambasting Conservative councillors at every opportunity does not give me the impression of a man who would willingly work alongside opposing party members.

On Tuesday, February 2, I sat through nearly seven hours of an appeal lending my support to build 51 affordable first-time buyer homes on land at the junction of Burford Road and Downs Road/Richard Jones Road, Witney. Accompanying me in support were local residents and two Conservative district councillors.

Cllr Enright was only noticeable by his absence, therefore missing a golden opportunity to ‘work collectively’ and ‘support the drive for affordable homes’.

I welcome a strong healthy opposition. It is fair and right that proposals should be questioned and we are held accountable for our decisions, but Cllr Enright’s frequent denigration of the Conservatives is a distraction and, ultimately, destructive.

This constant bickering is pointless and does the people of Witney no favours. When I’m approached by concerned residents in my ward regarding community problems, dog fouling, car parking, litter etc, I’m absolutely certain they couldn’t care less what colour rosette I wear. They just want me to do something about it!

What I don’t do is blame Cllr Enright (it’s his ward too) if I don’t always get it right.

If, as the elected councillors of Witney, we can’t attend to the day-to-day concerns of our residents without finding an opportunity to promulgate distrust then we have no right to criticise the ‘bigger picture’, or the decision makers.

It’s all about people.

Deputy Mayor Cllr Chris Holliday
Witney East Ward (Con)
Harvest Way