Sir – I read with interest the letters from Andrew Coles and David Bowden (January 19).

Firstly, I would like to support Mr Coles in his praise for the Witney demonstration on January 9.

I, too, have much support for our local services and for saving Royal Mail.

I am most concerned about the plight of our local libraries.

We need libraries for broadening our knowledge of the world, and it is not an occupation for a volunteer — to work in a library you do need specialist training, and this will be lost if libraries close — as well as the pleasure and interest they provide for many.

I am also deeply concerned for local families who are struggling to care for a disabled child and anguishing the trauma of having no choice but to put the child into care because the parents need a break.

I know only too well how hard it is to be assisted, as I am a disabled adult, and my own parents are elderly and needing rest.

In response to David Bowden, I think that this gentleman should reconsider his thoughts.

Witney and Carterton are bursting now, and there is already nowhere left to park. More houses and businesses would only exacerbate the crippling effects that are paralysing these towns.

Kate Bond (Miss), Ashcombe Close, Witney