Sir – Forget party politics, my quality of life has been significantly impinged upon by the current rubbish collection regime.

I don’t know about other readers, but I am totally fed up. Basically, all I want the local council to provide visually in receipt of my exorbitant council tax bill is for them to keep the libraries open, keep the town tidy, and collect my rubbish on a weekly basis.

We have always recycled whatever we could. However, we now have to spend hours separating things, putting things into different bins, disinfecting dozens of bins, get stressed about which week things get collected, if at all, because any adverse weather situation seems to have an effect on collection.

What really irritates me is that although the council gets money back for our recyclables, we get no money off from our council tax for our efforts in return.

I am not against recycling per se, but I think that we are all being treated as idiots.

I am seriously thinking of charging the council for my family’s time spent doing the job that I feel I pay legitimately for the council to do.

Kim Bruty, Witney