Sir — When times are hard and cuts are being made, it always seems to be that rural communities suffer the most.

City libraries are reprieved, while rural libraries must move to being run by volunteers, although I cannot see how our very popular, small, part-time library in Charlbury, which is excellently run by our one librarian, can be effectively organised by volunteers without the help of a librarian. And there is not room to serve coffee.

Rural youth centres are to close, but never mind, there will be an improved youth centre in Witney, except, of course, youngsters outside Witney cannot easily get there.

Dean Pit, an excellent recycling and waste disposal site, which serves a wide area of north-west Oxfordshire, is to close in September, but we will, however, be able to use a new state-of-the-art recycling tip in Kidlington . . . in 2012. For many this could be a round trip of 26 to 30 miles.

How ecological is that? Oxfordshire County Council states that the Dean site has only temporary planning permission, but it can presumably extend this.

Of course, we choose to live in the country, which has many benefits, but we do not want to lose all our amenities.

Ann Harper, Charlbury