DAN King smashed a hat-trick as FC Hollybush cruised into the second round of the John Fathers Oxfordshire Junior Shield with a 9-2 win over fellow Witney & District FA side Brize Norton.

Dean Mays (2), Carl Williams, Josh Grant, Dan Brearley and Craig Mays completed their tally.

Brize replied through Steve Marshall and Ross Standing.

Chadlington beat visitors Ducklington 7-2.

Jordan Godfrey bagged a brace, with Jacob Hazlewood, Michael Taylor, Ashley Scearce, Lee Woodward and Warren Holland scoring the others.

Ady Kew notched a double for Ducklington.

Bampton United cruised through 5-1 at Bloxbury Athletic, thanks to goals from Dan Paintin (2), Chris Laurence (2) and Connor O’Shea.

Meanwhile, Carterton Rangers saw off hosts Carterton Town A 2-0 in their Premier Division derby clash.

Matt Perry and Mykel Ryan were on target.

In Division 2, Corinthians hammered visitors Charlbury Town Res 5-1.

Richard Miller and Frank Webb each bagged braces, with Luke Cuthbert scoring the other. Dom Hemmings replied.


John Fathers Oxfordshire Junior Shield 1st round: Charlbury Tn 3 (J Hunt, T Williams, W Tompkins), Kingsmere Utd 2; FC Mills 0, Union Street 1 (og); Kingham AB 2 (A Thornton, S Cooper), AS Hanwell 1; Kirtlington 4 (A Metcalfe 2, S Probitts, N Kelly), Bloxham 0; Middle Barton 2 (J Kyberd, L Hatch), Stonesfield 1 (P Searle); Tower Hill 5 (J Scott 2, J Harris, L James, I Wright), Sinclair Utd 2; Wroxton Sports 0, Milton 5 (M Kraus 2, J Littlewood, T Dozel, L Dady).

Div 2: Minster Lovell Res 3 (J White 2, M Smith), Hailey Res 3 (J Wood, W Graham, M Semlali).

Div 3: Spartan Rngrs Res 5 (C Davies 2, G Kominek, D Craif, A White), Bourton Rov Res 4 (M Payne 2, M Sale, L Mosson); Witney Royals Res 1 (I Barrett), Tower Hill Res 4 (J Carter, L Scott, C Olive, D Bullock).

Div 4: Milton Res 1 (D Hootton), Chadlington Res 4 (C Wezyk 2, O Jordan, C White); Wootton Res 2 (M Mumford, E Higgins), Stonesfield Res 4 (J Gardner 3, L Harris); Bletchingon Res 2 (W Harwood, N Taylor), Wootton 4 (L Spencer 3, M Steers); Spartan Rngrs A 2 (J Spindlow, M Townsend), Kingham AB Res 11 (A Williams 4, C Perrett 4, D Alsworth, D Hodaei).


U12 A League

Charlbury Town Youth U12 3 vs 1 Hook Norton U12

Ducklington U12 2 vs 2 Carterton Town FC U12

Moreton Rangers U12 4 vs 3 Kingston Colts U12

Tower Hill Stars U12 1 vs 1 Launton FC U12

U12 B League

Freeland U12 5 vs 1 Deddington Town Colts U12

Highfield Juniors U12 6 vs 3 Bampton Town U12

Witney Vikings Warriors U12 4 vs 2 Wychwood U12

U12 C League

Bicester Town Colts U12 2 vs 7 Combe Junior Sports U12

Brackley Town U12 12 vs 3 Banbury United Puritans U12

Grendon Rangers U12 2 vs 2 Easington Sports Reds U12

Middleton Cheney U12 3 vs 4 Garden City U12

U12 D League

Bloxham Rangers U12 0 vs 5 Banbury Irish U12

Brackley Athletic U12 7 vs 1 Stonesfield Strikers U12

Chadlington U12 12 vs 0 Bloxham U12

U13 KO Cup

Brackley Athletic U13 8 vs 3 Eynsham Youth U13

Chesterton Juniors Colts U13 2 vs 4 Yarnton Blues U13

U13 A League

Carterton Town Colts U13 0 vs 6 Ducklington U13

U14 A League

Banbury Irish U14 1 vs 4 Brackley Athletic U14

Banbury United U14 4 vs 2 Bampton Town U14

Hook Norton U14 10 vs 2 Deddington Colts U14

Yarnton Blues U14 1 vs 1 Ducklington U14

U14 B League

Bure Park U14 6 vs 2 Easington Sports U14

Charlbury Town U14 5 vs 2 Combe Juniors U14

Middleton Cheney U14 7 vs 0 Launton U14

Witney Vikings Warriors U14 7 vs 4 Grendon Rangers U14

U14 C League

Chadlington U14 P vs P Byfield Tigers U14

Highfield Juniors U14 12 vs 1 Bloxham U14

Stonesfield Strikers U14 7 vs 1 Witney Vikings U14

U16 League

Brackley Athletic U16 6 vs 1 Grendon Rangers U16