KARL Robinson intends to contact the football authorities over one of the new laws brought in this season.

Last Saturday, Cameron Brannagan was booked in stoppage-time against Sunderland for failing to leave the pitch by the nearest touchline.

It is a new measure which has been brought in to clamp down on time-wasting.

But when the midfielder did finally walk off on the far side, it meant he had to walk in front of home fans.

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Referees are able to use their discretion if they think a player is at risk, but Robinson feels it should be scrapped altogether on safety grounds.

He said: “I’ve spoken to a few people and we’re going to write a letter to the EFL.

“I don’t think it’s safe.

“Cameron walked off behind the goal and gets antagonised, so all of a sudden we’ve got a problem we didn’t need. It’s crazy.

“I hope it’s something that will be looked at.

“Most substitutions happen late, at the most hostile and tense part of a game.

“It’s not criticising anybody and it’s a rule we’ll have tto abide by, but let’s have a real serous look because the most important thing is safety.

“We didn’t need the rule to change.”

To achieve the same effect, Robinson has a solution.

He said: “ As soon as the board goes up the clock should stop and when the referee blows his whistle it should start.

“That’s how it should be, for substitutions only.

“Sometimes you get 30 seconds for a sub and the following week you get nothing.”