RUGBY sessions designed for children with special educational needs and disabilities have been warmly welcomed.

Gosford All Blacks began running the SEND-friendly sessions, for children aged between four and 17, last month.

Every Sunday, children are able to take part in non-contact sessions in a safe and inclusive environment.

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Leandra Buratti, a parent who helped set up the scheme, said: “It’s a great initiative and I’m glad we’ve been able to get this going so quickly.

“In the first few sessions, there has been quite a lot of support from Gosford All Blacks and it’s given us opportunities to do as many one-to-ones as possible.

“It’s slowly building now and getting to the point where we can have two little groups together.

“The kids are looking forward to their Sundays, and having that fun and freedom.

“I find that elsewhere a lot of sessions aren’t inclusive enough but these ones look at what the children need – there’s more breaks to allow the children to concentrate for longer and more easily.

“I’ve got a few parents on board and they’re so pleased they’ve found it, being able to have something a bit more local and central to Kidlington.

“Hopefully if a few other areas and clubs can get involved, we can compete a little bit and branch out.

“There’s lots of scope and this is just the beginning.”

Those interested in taking part in the sessions should email