TAKE the A415 from Witney to Abingdon and you will come to Newbridge, the magnificent 14th-century stone bridge straddling the Thames which, given its age, is now anything but a new bridge.

Indeed, it is thought to be one of the two oldest bridges over the Thames.

A pub stands either side of the bridge, but at the moment it’s only the Rose Revived on the northern side that is open for custom.

The Maybush on the southern side appears to be undergoing major structural changes.

Both pubs suffered dreadfully during the 2007 floods when the river swamped their premises with a vengeance. But both pubs were restored.

Walk into the Rose Revived now and it’s impossible to spot flood damage, it has been perfectly repaired. It seems that the Maybush is undergoing further restoration.

The thing I like about the Rose Revived, apart from the fact it is dog friendly, is the fact that this is where celebrity chef Raymond Blanc began his career.

Using a Constance Spry cookery book for inspiration, he began catering for a public who are still flocking to eat the food he cooks.

Over the years and since Raymond has gone on to greater things, there have been times when the food served at the Rose Revived has been indifferent, dull, tasteless even.

In fact, I seldom visited the dining room a few years ago, preferring to sit outside on the patio beside the river sipping a gin and tonic.

But things have changed. Indeed, I would go as far as to say that the food served here at the moment is particularly good and what’s more it’s served at an affordable price.

I called on a weekday when the specials include a main dish at £5.95, add a pudding and it is £7.95, and three courses will cost £9.95.

My friend and I chose ‘Old English Fish and Chips’ from this section of the menu, which arrived cooked in a gloriously crunchy batter, which was simply delicious.

As most places now charge at least £12.50 for a generous portion of fish and chips that have been cooked in a home-made batter, this was a real bargain.

The pudding I selected — a warm chocolate caramel fudge cake — was just as tasty.

We drank Old Speckled Hen ale with our meal as it has a particularly smooth flavour, making it easy to drink.

My border collie Barnaby had ‘a nice cup of tea’ in his bowl cooled with some ice cubes (£1.95).

Yes, the menu lists many other dishes, sandwiches, wraps, jacket potatoes and salads which are not quite so competitively priced, and a children’s menu too, but it seems to include something for everyone, including traditional roasts on Sunday.

The Rose Revived, Newbridge, on the A415. Call 01865 300221 to book or see oldenglishinns.co.uk/our-locations/the-rose-revived-witney