PUPILS at Kingham Hill School marked Remembrance Sunday by creating a living memorial to past pupils who died serving the country during the First World War.

They were joined by staff and parents to plant 420 saplings, supplied by the Woodland Trust, in a new hedgerow to mark out the school’s newly-extended boundary and provide a corridor for wildlife to move between existing woods and hedges.

The boys tackled the north end of the hedge and the girls carried out work at the south, bedding in the saplings and fitting protective canes and spirals.

Headmaster Nick Seward said: “The First World War cut a swathe through the youth of its day, and the loss of so many young boys and men from this school left a lasting scar on its psyche.

“There is something of an echo of Rupert Brooke’s famous poem The Soldier in this beautiful memorial, and we hope it is an encouragement towards humility for present pupils, given the very different society and circumstances they now enjoy.”