MINI moustached monkeys are the latest new additions to be born at Cotswold Wildlife Park.

Twin Emperor Tamarins have been born at the park and are proving to be one of the cutest additions with their quirky characteristics.

The pair, along with their parents, are on show in their own enclosure and are delighting visitors with their tiny size, marvellous moustaches, spectacular crests and ear tufts.

The Emperor Tamarin twins are as-yet unnamed and unsexed and are spending their time getting to know their new enclosure with mum and dad.

The miniature monkeys, known scientifically as Saguinus imperator, are born approximately 35kg and spend much of their first few months on their dad’s back.

He will take the new-born and place it on his back, passing the baby back to the mother only to be suckled before they are returned.

Cotswold Wildlife Park deputy section head of primates, Natalie Horner, said: “Male Tamarins take an active role in rearing their young by carrying and caring for the infants the majority of the time.

“The babies only return to their mother to feed. They even teach the older youngsters how to care for their younger siblings, which is an important part of their development.”

Emperor Tamarins were named after the Emperor of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who boasted a particularly impressive moustache.

The first Emperor Tamarin identified had a moustache which was upside down, resembling that of the Emperor.

Swiss zoologist Goeldi gave the species the name of 'emperor' as a joke, but the name stuck and was soon given the Latin name of Saguinus imperator.

The subfamily name of this particular primate group is Callitrichida which translates as ‘beautiful hair’.