TWO sisters have launched a new florist in Witney – and their inspired marketing campaigns are winning over the community.

Melissa Norridge and Sophie Varney are six years apart and live very different lives, but that hasn’t stopped the dynamic pair from going into business together.

One of the unique ways the sisters promoted Flower NV was hiding free bouquets of flowers around Witney for people to discover – something they intend to take to West Oxfordshire villages soon.

Prior to starting the business, Miss Norridge, 27, worked as an area manager for Jason’s Flowers and ran three branches in Oxford, Witney and Wantage.

Having gone as far as she could as an employee, she decided it was time to take the dive and open a business of her own.

Her older sister Sophie Varney, 33, has three children, the youngest of whom just started at preschool.

For the sisters, the time was right and they came together to start their very own family business.

Miss Norridge, who lives in Witney, said: “It’s a feeling of excitement but also you do get slightly nervous because you’re never quite sure how it’s going to go.

“But we’ve been very lucky and we’ve had a lot of support from people in Witney.”

Last year, when they first set up the business – based in Oxford Hill, Witney – they hid bouquets of flowers around the town.

Attached to the flowers were handwritten poems providing details of the business and encouraging finders to post a picture on Facebook.

Now they’re planning to do the same again and are in the process of choosing a village to adorn with hidden flower selections.

Also, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the pair have sent out an online warning to boyfriends making the perilous decision to buy supermarket flowers.

Though to some the idea of starting a business with a sibling is nothing short of a nightmare, Miss Norridge and Mrs Varney seem to be managing.

Mrs Varney, who has been trained-up by her sister, said: “It’s amazing working with your little sister and as a big sister I’ve accepted she is the boss at work.

“We are enjoying every aspect of running our family business and we’re very excited for our future.”

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