SCHOOL pupils were challenged to multi-task to highlight the dangers of using a phone whilst driving.

Children from Gosford Hill School in Kidlington were tasked with exercising their brains whilst attempting to play catch in one of several challenges staged by the county's road safety team.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service hoped by putting the teens to the test they would see just how hard it can be to multi-task while driving.

It is part of a clampdown on drivers using mobile phone while behind the wheel, through the Department of Transport's latest THINK!campaign.

Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for community safety, Judith Heathcoat, said: “So many times I have seen drivers using their phone whilst driving – this leaves only one other hand free to handle the vehicle.

“Driving, especially with the volume of traffic and speed of traffic today on our roads requires full concentration and full physical contact – that’s both hands for driving safely.

“Remember, no one is invincible.”

Sixth formers at the school were told of the dangers when using a phone behind the wheel.

The road safety team said someone using a phone while driving is four times more likely to crash, resulting in injury or death for themselves or others – both inside or outside their vehicle.

It comes almost a year after the Government introduced tougher laws which mean you can get six points and a £200 fine for using a hand-held device when driving

Andy Ford, road safety team manager at the fire and rescue service said: “Driving a vehicle on a public road is a huge responsibility and requires all of our attention.

"If you are driving, would you regret using that phone in any way that resulted in you killing or injuring someone else?

"How might your life be affected by that?

"If you are the person contacting that driver when they are on the move, would you regret knowing you were the one distracting them if the driver was killed or seriously injured, or it resulted in them doing that to someone else?"