A PERMANENT fix for Witney’s ‘lethal’ pavements could be delivered within a year.

Residents who have campaigned for a solution to the town’s broken and raised slabs may soon be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Oxfordshire County Council has said that a new design to address the problems is being considered and could be implemented soon.

Spokesman Martin Crabtree said: “We are currently working on designing a scheme for High Street, Witney.

“Our engineers are looking at the most appropriate repair methods and once this has been decided it will be programmed in for delivery this financial year.”

The council has not confirmed whether the plan includes Market Square.

Witney MP Robert Courts recently contacted the council following a meeting with Dorothy Holloway. Mrs Holloway, of Minster Lovell, has campaigned for improvements to the town’s walkways for about four years.

She said that the latest news sounded positive but that she would be keeping her eye on the situation, adding: “I shall be happier when it’s done.

“It took me a long time to get this far and I’m not going to stop now.”

Shortly after Christmas in 2015, Mrs Holloway was walking in the town when her mobility walker snagged on a paving slab causing her to fall and break her arm.

Since then she has had a number of tumbles and near-falls on the street.

Mrs Holloway, who had branded the pavements in Witney ‘lethal’, said she continues to campaign because she believes somebody will end up seriously hurt if the problem is not solved.

She is not the only resident to raise concerns about the state of Witney’s pavements.

Previously, Dr John Simpson, who lives in nearby Hailey, told the Gazette about problems with reporting damage.

He also said many were confused about which authority was responsible, saying: “It’s very frustrating when you think you’ve done your duty by reporting it.

“Everybody involved wonders whose responsibility it actually is.”

Last year the county council said that paving slabs could be removed completely in a bid to make the centre of Witney safer for pedestrians.

It said that repairs had to be made in the area consistently and claimed vehicles owned by market traders were responsible for much of the damage

It is not clear whether removing the slabs is part of the latest plans or not.

Mr Courts said he was pleased to hear that the county council was working on a plan to address the problem.

He said: “Dorothy came to see me recently with concerns about Witney High Street’s pavements and I took up her concerns with OCC.

“I am pleased that action is now being taken to fix this issue that has slowly been getting worse.

“My understanding is that a new design is being considered to address these problems and look forward to seeing more detailed plans from the Council in due course.

“I will continue to push to ensure that this area is safe for residents so we can avoid accidents like Dorothy’s in the future.”