A BAN on cycling in some city centre streets is back under the spotlight after a leading city councillor questioned whether it should be scrapped.

Oxford City Council's 'cycling champion' Louise Upton suggested that riders should be able to use Queen Street and Cornmarket Street during the day - which is currently prohibited.

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But does anyone take any notice of the ban? 

Yesterday the Oxford Mail headed along to Queen Street to see if people are heeding the ban. 

Oxford Mail photographer Ed Nix spotted 19 cyclists riding down Queen Street in just 15 minutes from 12.35pm, raising questions of how effective a new PSPO tackling cyclists’ behaviour could be.

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Witney Gazette:

As well as cycling, people were banned from remaining in public toilets 'without reasonable excuse', urinating or defecating in public or aggressively begging under PSPO rules. 

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These have lapsed but could be reintroduced later this year. 

A major report last year recommended cyclists be allowed to use Queen Street at all times.

Andrew Gilligan, London’s former cycling commissioner, said the some-time cycling ban in Queen Street was leaving a ‘serious hole at the heart’ of Oxford’s cycling network.

He said: “A cycle route is only as good as its weakest point. But most of Oxford’s routes have gaps or barriers, or sections involving heavy traffic. Few cycle lanes join up adequately, exemplified in the city centre.”