VISITORS flocked to Cotswold Wildlife Park to get a sniff of its best-smelling resident.

The park's male Binturong, Dobby, was the centre of attention on Saturday, which marked World Binturong Day.

The fascinating species sparks considerable curiosity due to its bizarre appearance, which is somewhere between a bear and a cat.

Binturongs originate from the rainforests of south-east Asia and are also the only creature to emit a completely unique scent - which smells like buttered popcorn.

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Saturday's event was organised by primate and small mammal keeper, Estelle Morgan, pictured, and raised £570 for charity ABConservation, the only charity that is solely dedicated to the research and conservation of Bintorung.

Visitors had the chance to win a one-off encounter with Dobby, while there were talks from Ms Morgan during the day at the Binturong exhibit.

She said: "We had two keeper talks where our male Dobby was able to show off his climbing and jumping skills to our visitors and our Binturong themed face painting was extremely popular."