ONE Witney resident knows the benefits of the town's music festival all too well - but it presented him with a dilemma.

In previous years, Ian Budd has taken the day off from his shop in Church Green, Pretend Supply Co, to play bass guitar for covers band Fused at the event.

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Fused are back on the main stage on the Saturday of this year's festival, but Mr Budd almost had to miss out.

He is the one remaining staff member at the clothing store, but shutting the shop for the day would have risked losing out on the huge increase in business on festival weekend.

Fortunately for the 42-year-old, he was able to call on the services of a former employee.

He said: "Luckily he owed me a favour, so I could call it in."

Mr Budd added: "Our passing trade goes up dramatically for any event on The Leys.

"We get 20 times the footfall coming past the shop.

"We sell a ton of sunglasses and baseball caps on the festival days.

"If the weather's bad, people will come in to buy sweatshirts instead.

"So many people say they don't know we're here."

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Fused plays 90s and noughties rock and pop covers, with the quartet listing The Killers, AC/DC and Green Day among their influences.