A SHARP fall in the number of drivers caught speeding in Oxfordshire last year 'reflects the hard work' of Thames Valley Police, according to the force's roads policing chief.

Last week, we revealed that just over 40,000 motorists were clocked by police cameras in 2018, down by a third on the 13 months ending last June.


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And we have now produced a table showing the number of people caught at each site attended by police camera vans. 

The A41 near Bicester was by far the most productive location for officers, with 4,256 people caught speeding.

Superintendent James Upton, the force's head of roads policing, previously revealed the force was prioritising areas of concern and claimed the tactic is paying off.

He said: “We are pleased to see the reduction in the number of motorists caught speeding in Oxfordshire.

"It reflects the hard work that Thames Valley Police is putting in to reduce speeding on our roads.

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“We review locations of concern on a regular basis, and that is based on the number of fatal and serious injury collision figures, as well as speeding complaints which we receive from members of the public. This information helps to determine where we put our resources.

“We have got static speed cameras and mobile vans deployed at locations across Oxfordshire, as well as police officers from Roads Policing and Neighbourhood policing teams  supported by the great help from volunteers from our Community Speedwatch programme.

“It is a real positive that we are seeing a reduction in speeding offences at some of our key locations.”

The figures showed 21,587 motorists were clocked by 'attended' speed cameras in 2018, which includes those caught by police camera vans.

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The 1,956 offences on the A40 in Oxford, between the Wolvercote and Cutteslowe roundabouts, was the next worst hotspot after the A41, followed by the 800 drivers caught on Ducklington Lane in Witney.

Police did not provide a site-by-site breakdown of the 18,435 offences at non-attended cameras.

Search the list below to find the speeding hotspots across Oxfordshire.

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