A COUNCILLOR who allegedly sent lewd messages to a vulnerable woman who asked for housing help the day after he was elected will be investigated.

Witney town councillor, Trevor License, made several sexually suggestive remarks to the woman and told stories about his sexual history over Facebook Messenger on May 3, she says.

Mr License, who is believed to have a long term partner and children, is also claimed to have told the woman about an alleged sexual encounter with a doctor.

Yesterday, the leader of Witney Town Council pledged to start a 'proper investigation' into the messages, which are likely to have breached several sections of the council's code of conduct.

The leader also confirmed Mr License would no longer serve as a Labour councillor.

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The woman, who has asked to remain anonymous, is currently homeless and approached Mr License for help near the end of April.

She told him confidential information about her case, although this was before Mr License had been elected.

On April 28 - four days before the town council elections - Mr License appears to say 'you have told me dark secrets so ours is...' and proceeded to reveal intimate details about his relationship.

Voters went to the polls on Thursday, May 2, with Mr License gaining 475 votes - the third highest in Witney North.

The results were announced on the afternoon of May 3, but that evening the Labour councillor apparently sent more lewd comments to the woman.

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His alleged messages had already taken a sexual turn when, at 8.29pm, he said 'I'd love to show you a thing or two'.

The woman did not appear to show interest, but Mr License went onto say 'lots of ways to have fun', to which the woman replied with a question mark.

The councillor apparently replied 'stop me if I'm too forward tho[ugh]' and 'do you want to have fun', before adding 'sorry I'm drunk a bit'.

At 9.08pm, the woman said 'I don't touch married men', adding 'I know you're not married but as good as'.

Later, at 9.47pm, Mr License allegedly told her about sexual acts with another women that are too explicit to print.

The woman did not send us the screenshots herself, adding: “I was worried if I told him he was inappropriate, it would affect my housing situation.”

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The section of the town council's code of conduct titled 'honesty and integrity' says members 'must not place yourself in situations where your honesty and integrity may be questioned, must not behave improperly and must on all occasions avoid the appearance of such behaviour'.

Town council leader, Rosa Bolger, said: “I deplore any abuse of power by any public representative and feel strongly that we must take these allegations seriously.

“There is a potential breach of Labour Party rules and, more seriously, a potential breach of the councillor code of conduct. Due process must be followed and a proper investigation carried out.

"Should the allegations be proven, appropriate and firm action must and will be taken.”

She added: “Considering the seriousness of the allegations we have withdrawn the whip from Councillor License, pending investigation.

"In everything we do as public representatives we must put our residents first, these allegations directly conflict with our role as councillors and with our moral and professional values as a Labour Group, therefore Trevor License will no longer serve as a member of the Labour Group on Witney Town Council.”

Last Tuesday, West Oxfordshire District Council, which handles improper conduct complaints on town and parish councils, had not received an official complaint against Mr License.

Likewise, Witney Town Council had not received a complaint as of Friday. Mr License declined to comment.