YOU’RE reading your local news website.

That tells us a couple of things about you. You’re engaged in your community and you believe in the power of local press. 
The likelihood is, therefore, that you also use your voice where you can to influence change and decision makers. For example, you exercise your right to vote. 

And that’s something politicians need to remember. You, the reader of this title, hold the power to keep them in a job. 
So when they come to your area and they show a blatant disregard for local news outlets, they’re showing a blatant disregard for you. 
As this paper went to press on Thursday evening, we were still waiting for any word from Number 10.

We found out late Wednesday that the Prime Minister was visiting Oxfordshire. We were not invited; we didn’t even get the courtesy (if you call it that), of being able to ask a pooled question. At the time of writing, we have had zero information about the visit - no one will give us official lines on where he's been or who he's met. The best we have is a load of selfies on Twitter of a beaming Boris Johnson with members of the Conservative party. 

This isn’t just the story for us, or for this time. It’s happened lots in the recent past with this PM and his predecessor.

It’s the story for all local media across Oxfordshire and beyond. It was a similar story on the PM's visit to Wales last month (but at least journalists there got the courtesy of being told about the visit and being able to ask one or two questions - just not allowed to film or broadcast his answers). 

We wonder if Mr Johnson, a former journalist, will remember the power of local press when it comes to election time.