HIGHWAYS England has refused to say how much it has spent on the Oxford-Cambridge expressway so far.

The agency said disclosing details would damage contracts it holds with companies – and could increase prices in the future.

It remains unclear when it will reveal which routes it wants to put out to public consultation or where they will be.

Some sources have said they expect Highways England to push an announcement over potential routes back to the winter, even though it had said it will be made this autumn.

They claimed the decision is unlikely to be made at a time of such political uncertainty.

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In a reply to a freedom of information request, the agency stated: "There are compelling arguments which support withholding [the cost] which outweigh those supporting release.

"Factors identified as supporting the disclosure are of significant importance, however the factors identified supporting the non-disclosure of the requested information outweighed the case for disclosure at this moment in time."

It acknowledged people knowing the cost of the road so far 'could increase public understanding of the significant level of work done ahead...to ensure that a sustainable, safe and affordable road scheme is delivered'. But it said it had to keep matters secret for now.