NO ONE in Oxford has gone to prison after they failed to pay their council tax, the city council has confirmed.

Powers to prosecute people for not paying the tax were brought in by the government in 1993.

But deputy leader Ed Turner will say those have never been used to ensure someone was jailed for failing to pay.

At tonight's full council meeting, Green councillor Dick Wolff will ask how many people have been imprisoned.

And Mr Turner will say: "In the last 10 years, Oxford City Council has not committed anyone to prison for non-payment of council tax (indeed, we have not done so since these powers were introduced in 1993).

"We would only ever use this method of recovery as a last resort and would have to prove wilful refusal or culpable neglect before doing so."

The details will be formally revealed at a full council meeting.

That will be held tonight from 5pm at Oxford Town Hall.